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The PT Cross Canada Checkups are designed to stimulate discussion and keep rehabilitation professionals up to date on the COVID19 pandemic and relevant research, initiatives, and resources.

Session Reviews and Videos

2020.03.22 – Session 1

The Role of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation in COVID19 Response

Dr. Mike Landry, PT, MBA, PhD & Phil Sheppard PT, MSc, DrPH (Candidate)

Session overview:  2020.03.22 – Rehab COVID19 SIT REP – Session 1 (Role of PT)

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2020.03.24 – Session 2

Telerehabilitation – Jenn O’Neil PT, PhD (Candidate)

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2020.03.26 – Session 3

In-Clinic Emergency Care – Sandy Brennan, PT

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2020.03.29 – Session 4

Physiotherapists in COVID-19 Assessment Centres  – Mike Sangster, PT, BScPT, DPT, Clinical Specialist (Pain Science)

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Session Resources


2020.03.31 – Session 5

Emergency Preparedness & Response Principles + WHO / UKEMT Initiatives

Pete Skelton, PT (UKEMT/HI) &  Bronwen Connolly, PT Critical Care (Queen’s University Belfast / UKEMT)


Resources From Session



2020.04.02 – Session 6

Cross Canada Checkup & Discussion

Dr. Mike Landry, PT, MBA, PhD & Phil Sheppard, PT, MSc, DrPH (Candidate)

There is no video from this session


2020.04.05 – Session 7

Joost Van Wijchen, PT

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2020.04.07 – Session 8

April 7 – New Challenges Demand New Initiatives: How Ottawa Valley Physiotherapy and Renfrew Victoria Hospital are Teaming Up to Tackle COVID-19

Patrick Cayen, PT, MBA & Jenn St. Michael, PT


2020.04.28 – The role of physiotherapist assistants (P.T.A.) and physical rehabilitation therapists (P.R.T.) during the Covid-19 pandemic in Canada

Sandra Lamb & Annie Bélanger



Title: Impact of COVID-19 on Providing Physiotherapy Services to Northern Manitoba First Nations Communities
Speakers: Priscilla Flett and Allana Beavis
Topic: The speakers will describe the impact of COVID-19 on the provision of Physiotherapy services to remote, fly-in First Nations communities in northern Manitoba. The speakers will highlight the inequities in terms of access to Physiotherapy services experienced by these communities and how they are exacerbated in the wake of COVID-19.



Title: CPA Board of Directors & COVID-19: Personal Experiences from the Present & Perspectives for the Future
Speakers: Viivi Riis, Amanda de Chastelain, and Jason Coolen
Topic: Join three representatives from the Canadian Physiotherapy Association’s Board of Directors as they speak from their own physiotherapist perspectives on what changes they are facing right now and where they anticipate things moving in physiotherapy in light of COVID-19. We’ll hear from those working in three different settings: hospital, home care, and private clinic.
Time: 7:00 PM EST



Navigating the role of Lead Medical of Cycling Canada as a PT: Insights and ramifications of COVID-19 in elite/professional sport
Join Tara Lazarski, current Therapy Lead for all Cycling Canada Olympic programs, as she navigates the ramifications of COVID-19 in elite/professional sport.


COVID19 Online Courses

Physiopedia – COVID19 Course

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine – COVID19



Telerehabilitation Resources

Telerehabilitation Checklist April 2020


COVID-19 Up to Date Information

WHO COVID19 website for information, resources and situation reports

WHO COVID19 Dashboard – Up to date information on the number of people affected and deaths

WHO – Critical preparedness, readiness and response actions for COVID-19

Government of Canada – COVID19 Website for Updates, prevention, advice and information

Government of Canada – Epidemiological Data on COVID19

WCPT – Information and resources on COVID19

Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) – COVID19 Resources


Role of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation in COVID19 Response

Landy, MD., Geddes, L., Moseman, AP., Leflet, JP., Raman, SR., van Wijchen, J. (2020). Early reflections on the Global Impact of COVID19, and implications for physiotherapy. Physiotherapy Journal.

Landry, MD., Tupetz, A., Jalovcic, D., Sheppard, PS., Jesus, TS., Raman, SR. (2020). The novel Coronavirus (COVID19): Making a connection between infectious disease outbreaks and rehabilitation. Physiotherapy Canada.


Research on COVID19

The Lancet – Offering Free resources

Cochrane – Special Collection: Coronavirus (COVID-19): evidence relevant to critical care

Geneva Centre for education and research in humanitarian action – Up to date scientific resources on COVID19




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