COVID19: Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Situation Reports and Discussion

The Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy COVID19 Situation Reports and Discussions are designed to stimulate discussion and keep rehabilitation professionals up to date on the COVID19 pandemic and relevant research, initiatives, and resources.

The sessions are hosted every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at 4 PM Eastern Time


Sessions are scheduled on the following days at 4:00 PM Eastern Time and will include a situation report as well as the following guest speakers and topics followed by a Q&A:

March 22 – Role of PT in COVID19 Response (Dr. Mike Landry and Phil Sheppard)

March 24 – Telerehab with Jenn O’Neil

March 26 – Delivery of Acute and Emergency Care in Private Practice

March 28 – Situation Report COVID19

March 30 – Situation Report on COVID19


Session Reviews and Videos

2020.03.22 – Session 1

The Role of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation in COVID19 Response (Dr. Mike Landry & Phil Sheppard)

Session overview:  2020.03.22 – Rehab COVID19 SIT REP – Session 1 (Role of PT)

Audio – Download Session 1 from COVID19: Rehab and PT Google Drive


2020.03.24 – Session 2

Telerehabilitation with Jenn O’Neil

Audio – Download Session 2 from COVID19: Rehab and PT Google Drive


COVID19 Online Courses

Physiopedia – COVID19 Course

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine – COVID19



WHO COVID19 website for information, resources and situation reports

WHO COVID19 Dashboard – Up to date information on the number of people affected and deaths

WHO – Critical preparedness, readiness and response actions for COVID-19

Government of Canada – COVID19 Website for Updates, prevention, advice and information

Government of Canada – Epidemiological Data on COVID19

WCPT – Information and resources on COVID19

Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) – COVID19 Resources


Role of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation in COVID19 Response

Landy, MD., Geddes, L., Moseman, AP., Leflet, JP., Raman, SR., van Wijchen, J. (2020). Early reflections on the Global Impact of COVID19, and implications for physiotherapy. Physiotherapy Journal.

Landry, MD., Tupetz, A., Jalovcic, D., Sheppard, PS., Jesus, TS., Raman, SR. (2020). The novel Coronavirus (COVID19): Making a connection between infectious disease outbreaks and rehabilitation. Physiotherapy Canada.


Research on COVID19

The Lancet – Offering Free resources

Cochrane – Special Collection: Coronavirus (COVID-19): evidence relevant to critical care

Geneva Centre for education and research in humanitarian action – Up to date scientific resources on COVID19




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